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What People are Saying about Myers Cocktail Oral Therapy

Below is just a sample of statements made by our clients from around the world.

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I definitely noticed how much harder I could train while using Myers Cocktail Oral Therapy but it's hard to beat the recovery power of this product. ...It has become an integral part of my regime.

AL V. 

60+ Shotput & Discus Competitor

British Columbia, Canada

I tried Deluxe Anti-Fatigue. The next morning, I noticed I was able to do 30 pushups and it felt easy! I never thought I could ever do 30 pushups.

Dr helen w.

Retired Doctor

Arizona, US

Who knew improving your health could taste so good?

Jo-Ann L.

British Columbia, Canada

I have more energy. I feel like I am in better shape. I lost weight around the waistline - 2 inches on my waist! I have gained muscle! I noticed that my training sessions have gotten better.

Texas, US

I’m changing the world one family member at a time!

Sharing a Myers Cocktail breakfast with my sister in law and cousin, now my son in law is ordering the product as well. As they say “I feel GREAT again”.

Charlie T. 

Idaho, US

One of the BEST products I’ve ever tried!! True believer!!

I love them! I had already ordered the Myers Advanced, which I like very much. I enjoyed the Anti-Fatigue, and shared some samples with colleagues, so hopefully you will get some orders. I have also recommended the product to friends, again, I hope you get some orders soon! Thank you again.

Laurie v.

Washington, US

I definitely enjoyed the samples. Energy levels have improved dramatically. Thank you so much!

Sherry d.

Texas, US

I just wanted to share how amazing this product is!  I have been vegan for 4 years and my energy level is ok but I could never push hard at the gym.  So, I switched back to eating meat , but the result is still the same.

All that changed when I started on the Deluxe Anti-Fatigue cocktail!  I've noticed that I am not as hungry, yet I have more energy but not the jittery type that makes you crash after a few hours but a more sustained type of energy, my skin is softer and now has a finer texture.  I feel more relaxed and has weirdly increased my body temperature as I normally get cold quite easily.

I had the tetanus toxoid vaccine 5 years ago on my left arm plus 3 x Covid vaccines and my left arm/ shoulder is just tight and tires easily.  Honestly, my left shoulder feels a lot better, the tightness is gone and I could move my left arm as much as I want without it getting tired easily.

I think the biggest thing for me is that I could push myself harder at the gym and I have less DOMS!!!!!! Yes, this is a bit of a long story but I really am happy because not having enough energy at the gym has been bugging me for years!

Vanessa R.

Perth, Australia

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