Posted April 24, 2022
By Todd Schneider

Imagine Changing Your World One Cocktail at a Time!

Could this actually be true? A healthy Cocktail that tastes delicious and helps support human metabolism, ensures proper hydration, increases natural energy levels.

As a Health N Wellness professional I’ve been involved in the world of Nutritional Sciences for over 30 years. From the beginning of my career I remember many professional athletes speaking of the multiple benefits of Myers Cocktail IV Therapy to help accelerate recovery. Fast forward 20 years shortly after I was diagnosed with a chronic life threatening illness, and once again the topic of Myers Cocktail IV was presented to me as a viable treatment option.

Almost everyone in the nutraceutical industry knows the story of Dr. John Myers, the pioneer who formulated the Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy. John Myers was an innovator. He always put the condition of his patients first and saw the need to support chronically ill patients, and high performance athletes with therapeutic concentrations of IV nutrients. This paradigm shift was a groundbreaking story considering it was 1964, and the world of supplementation was in its infancy. Difficult patients experienced miraculous results and now Myers Cocktail IV therapy is used by thousands of clinics across the United States and thousands more across the world. 

Currently Nutraceutical IV therapy is one of the fastest growing therapies within the world of nutritional sciences. However IV therapy comes with many challenges. It has a short half-life (following an immediate Cmax, causing short lived benefits), generating the need to repeat weekly infusions to maintain therapeutic serum concentration (or levels). It’s also expensive and inconvenient!

The team at Myers Cocktail Inc spent over 2 years trying to find a solution to the above challenging situation. After 40 prototypes and a 3 arm pilot study we were able to confirm that therapeutic levels can be maintained with the addition of Myers Cocktail Oral Therapy supporting and extending the benefits of Myers Cocktail IV therapy at a fraction of the cost.

Imagine changing your life one cocktail at a time!

To fully understand this concept, you have to appreciate the most basic fundamentals of nutritional programming and the importance of eating clean and using nutrient-dense supplementation when required. 

As “you are what you eat!” Really you are.

“Garbage in equals garbage out!” 

Please stop and think how you feel after you binge eat at a special event! Now stop and think how you feel after a brief fast, or after eating clean for a few days. 

“When you eat good, you feel good!”

We all need to understand that it is essential to eat to live, not live to eat. Food is nothing more than a fuel and of course, we all should utilize high-octane high performance fuels whenever possible in the form of nutrient-dense superfoods. This is why science-based nutritional programming always produces amazing results.

Some would say that food alone can provide the body with the balance and inner power at a cellular level to generate healing from within. Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”. At the same time, I’d say it is impossible to eat perfectly.

Most researchers agree that supplementation and super foods (often referred to as “clean eating”) in combination with sound, science-based nutritional programming can help not only change or enhance anyone’s life, but most likely aid in the management of many chronic illnesses and diseases. Traditional chronic disease self-management models encourage participants to take responsibility for their own health and behavior to make sustainable, life-long changes (James et. al., 2011). For instance, with increasing numbers of cancer survivors at risk for long-term and/or late effects of treatment and other chronic disease, efforts for promoting the health of this important group are urgent (James et al., 2011). Prescribing healthy guidelines and physical activity, such as resistance training and aerobic exercises, can improve the quality of life of cancer survivors and cancer-related fatigue, and can help reduce oxidative stress (Baguley et. al., 2017). Moreover, lifestyle behavioral interventions to improve diet and increase physical activity also have the potential to improve response to chemotherapy, potentially via improvement in compliance to chemotherapy (Sanft et al., 2021). 

Still think what you eat is not important? Think again.

To date the results were very encouraging, and more studies are being conducted globally producing the same inspiring results. Please view the studies below for full documentation.

Speaking of supplementation, are the multivitamins, and supplements sold at your local grocery store therapeutically dosed? Do the sport drinks professional athletes drink actually optimize electrolyte levels? Could ENERGY DRINKS be laced with MEGA-DOSED neurologically damaging stimulants. What “magic bullet” can a person take to prevent seasonal illnesses? What if the supplements available to us ARE NOT THERAPEUTICALLY DOSED, and don’t create the nutrient concentration levels that scientific research tells us that we need to live optimally and produce meaningful results!

I understand that it is impossible to eat perfectly. This is why our team invested over two years in research and development to create the world’s first Myers Cocktail Oral Therapy drink.

Our Myers Cocktail Oral Therapy has four different cocktails purposely formulated as nutrient dense super cocktails. They offer therapeutically dosed B vitamins, in combination with full spectrum electrolytes supported by antioxidants, topped off with our proprietary Rapid Recovery Amino Acid Blend. 

Have I mentioned that one of the cocktails, Myers’ Cocktail Advanced delivers 1000mg of Reduced Glutathione?

There is so much more that needs to be unpacked and discussed about the many benefits and advantages of this “cocktail”. So if you are intrigued with the world of nutraceuticals and would like to learn more about either of the lower topics drop us a note and stay plug in and connected.

Are you interested in learning more about the importance of glutathione to the human body?

And about the power of B vitamins? What role do they play in FAT (fatty-acid) metabolization?

Or the importance of proper hydration driven by electrolyte support?

How about the importance of essential amino acids to the human body? Why are they called essential amino acids?

Or maybe, you just want to feel better?

Whatever position you may be in, healthy or unhealthy, athletic or non-athletic, full of energy or lacking energy/tired all the time, please stay tuned as we share training tips, unpack and dive deeper into the world of nutritional sciences, and learn how Myers’ Cocktail Oral Therapy can change your life! ONE COCKTAIL AT A TIME!

So if you are one of those people that have more questions than answers and love to learn, please email us your questions. Or if you are one of those individuals that really don’t really think supplements work because you can get all the nutrients you need from eating properly, tune in with us weekly to our YouTube channel, My Health Headquarters, and follow us on Instagram at @myerscocktailoral and @myhealthheadquarters to get more insight on the different topics we are going to explore every week. 

We guarantee the most informative, practical, and relevant 12 – 18 minutes of your day!

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JOIN HOST TODD SCHNEIDER and Co-Host’s FABIO COMANA, and DR THOMAS ABSHIER and watch the Myers Cocktail Oral Therapy blog for the Tip of the Week!

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Join us next month, as we talk about Health ‘N Wellness, Nutrition and Training, changes in the world of Medical Sciences and SARS – CoV-2 with Western Australia’s Doctor of the Year, Dr. Charl du Plessis. 

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VP of Sales and Marketing at Myers Cocktail Inc.

Todd Schneider majored in Music and Minored in Physical Education. ISSA - Nutritional Coach; SFN (Specialist in Fitness Nutritional); CPT, ACE - Fitness Technician.

A survivor of liver disease, Todd Schneider uses his experience and expertise to help people develop and nurture healthy lifestyles as a Motivational Speaker, Health and Wellness Author, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Mentor.

For over 30 years, Todd has been committed to providing effective health, fitness, and lifestyle coaching to everyday people.

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