Posted May 25, 2022
By Todd Schneider

As an infant I spent most of my time in the hospital fighting for my life. Growing up, I often used crutches, was confined to a wheelchair or restricted to bed rest. For those of you that know me personally from my grade school days, and my family, you know the full story.  

Make no mistake. LIFE is HARD, especially for someone dealing with a disability or facing health-based challenges. However, these trials helped bring perspective to my life and gave me drive and determination to overcome obstaclesI didn’t think that my weaknesses would eventually become my strength. So often, our personal challenges build character and define us.

What happened to the crippled Todd? “The last I heard you were dying! What happened?” 

What a great question, I get asked that all the time. Things changed as I started moving more, working out, and building muscle mass. As my muscle mass started developing, I was able to start taking part in activities that I could never do. 

“Movement truly is Medicine.” As I started excelling in certain sports, it quickly became evident that the more muscle mass I had, the better I could perform or play. In the early 1980’s a dear friend, Tyrone Carnelli (RIP my friend) introduced me to Di & Tri Peptide amino acids. They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Yes, these pictures are real!

I attribute much of my recovery to building muscle mass, which requires using properly dosed Amino Acids. I believe Amino Acids were the turning point as I moved towards a healthier and better version of myself. 

This is why I am so excited about sharing our Proprietary Rapid Recovery Amino Acid formula.

How important is our Proprietary Rapid Recovery Amino Acid blend?

  • Accelerate Repair
    This is so important to all of us YOUNG or OLD.
  • Increase Metabolism
    Who doesn’t want to up regulate or speed up all biological functions in their body? Our Proprietary Rapid Recovery Amino Acid (include LNAAs, EAAs and BCAAs) which are metabolized mainly in the muscle (not in the liver). This allows quicker metabolization, direct energy, and muscle support without changing or spiking blood sugar.
  • Assist with Recovery
    The most important component of human existence is being able to quickly recover. As we age recovery becomes harder which impacts our quality of life. However accelerated recovery enables us to work out, and compete, in the game of LIFE! RECOVERY IS EVERYTHING! 

How do you feel after a long day of work? Do you still have enough fuel left in your tank for some quality time with your family, wife/husband or significant other? 

Do you have enough fuel to make it to the gym or sporting field? Those questions reflect how well and quickly you recover! 

Consistent consumption of our Proprietary Rapid Recovery Amino Acid Blend has a positive impact on net muscle protein by fully replenishing our Amino Acid pools. A positive nitrogen balance blocks catabolism and accelerates anabolism. Hundreds of studies in elite athletes, and normal people show that our Proprietary Rapid Recovery Amino Acid Blend stimulates recovery via the anabolic process more effectively than any other protein supplement. Our Proprietary Rapid Recovery Amino Acid Blend has a long history of reducing fatigue and improving the speed of recovery for athletes in competition and normal people in the game of life.

  • We at Myers’ Cocktail Oral Therapy created the MCOT Rapid Recovery Amino Acid performance blend to support you and your body. If these products can help world class athletes perform, imagine what consistent consumption can do for you and me! 
  • Muscle Maintenance
    • Our Proprietary Rapid Recovery Amino Acid stimulates muscle growth. They support optimal recovery and repair, but a fully saturated amino pool is necessary. Recovery and Repair will NOT happen without adequate levels of these crucial components. Our Proprietary Rapid Recovery Amino Acids are necessary for maintaining muscle health, which includes recovery and repair. This is why one third of our Proprietary Rapid Recovery Amino Acid is ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS.
  • Cognitive performance
    • Our Proprietary Rapid Recovery Amino Acids are essential amino acids, and each one is necessary for optimizing physical performance, cellular metabolism, and mental performance.
    • Studies have proven Tyrosine is effective at improving working memory.
    • The Myers’ Cocktail Oral Therapy Cocktail beverages can be used for a quick cognitive boost when you find yourself feeling a little foggy or impaired.

Did you know Myers’ Cocktail Rapid Recovery Blend is one of the highest dosed Amino Acid blends on the market? The Myers’ Cocktail Rapid Recovery Amino Acid Blend has been specifically designed to maximize wellness, increase performance, and accelerate recovery. Myers Cocktail Oral Therapy uses the same Di & Tri Peptide amino acid blend that saved my life and helped me be the best I could be.

Want to get started with properly supporting your body with all of the Amino Acids and Essential nutrients required to start feeling BETTER, TRAIN harder, or to LIVE LIFE BETTER?


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Considering all the challenges I’ve faced, I think I’ve done OK!

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life, and together we will make changes in both of our lives which will make us better versions of who we formerly were.

So what to do?



Take one small project and finish it. We know it will make you feel better! Take whatever steps you need to get you closer to being a healthier you!

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About the Author

VP of Sales and Marketing at Myers Cocktail Inc.

Todd Schneider majored in Music and Minored in Physical Education. ISSA - Nutritional Coach; SFN (Specialist in Fitness Nutritional); CPT, ACE - Fitness Technician.

A survivor of liver disease, Todd Schneider uses his experience and expertise to help people develop and nurture healthy lifestyles as a Motivational Speaker, Health and Wellness Author, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Mentor.

For over 30 years, Todd has been committed to providing effective health, fitness, and lifestyle coaching to everyday people.

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